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Our Mission

13 for 50 is a group of us joined together in unity, patriotism, and justice to help Georgia, our country's 13th state, keep the U.S. Senate Democratic.

Our Mission – To all our Disabled Family, Friends, and Allies:

With Georgia's unique rules around elections, there will be a run-off election in December for a U.S. Senate seat. If we can help secure a win for the Democratic Party in this election, the Democrats will strengthen control of the Senate.

Georgia proved in 2020 that it is a genuine swing state. More people in Georgia voted for a Democrat President than the Republican Incumbent.

The Candidate 13 for 50 is Supporting:

Photo of Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock.

Raphael Warnock

Senior pastor of the famed Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, is the leading Democratic candidate in the race. You may have seen him if you watched the memorial service for the late great John Lewis, as he facilitated the ceremony at the church Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once presided over. Warnock holds multiple masters degrees and a doctorate, has worked to increase voter registration, advocated for sound climate policy, and has served as a moral voice of clarity for many public and private leaders over the years.

Why We're in This Fight:

Democratic control over the Senate is imperative to fix major issues that previous administrations have caused, make positive change in social and environmental policy to protect all Americans, and promote members of our federal government who have vowed to help protect and support all people with disabilities in the country.

Equal Rights
for All!

Key appointments in the judiciary branch including the supreme court require a senate majority. To protect the rights of marginalized communities including BIPOC, LGTBQ+ , and women's rights it is critical that the senate confirms appointees with these values.

Our Healthcare!

Protect the Affordable Care Act and stop the repeated efforts by Republicans to dismantle Medicare/Medicaid and healthcare for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

the ADA!

Over the course of the last four years there has been a systematic dismantling of the ADA and disability rights particularly in the areas of voting, employment, and education. A senate majority will ensure that the ADA is protected and expanded.

Take Action!

13 for 50 alliance participants pledge to donate $13 a week (or more!) towards the organizations and campaigns geared towards winning this fight! Sign up to the mailing list, then we'll let you know each week what organization we are collectively donating towards and you'll make a donation directly to their fundraising page.

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